About Us


ProGrow Academy envisions itself as the most trusted, respected and valued training and career services organization, providing action-driven and result-oriented training and career services to our students, corporate and institutional clients. We aspire to build a training academy par excellence that is driven by passion, commitment, integrity and quality


Provide unmatchable training and career services to all our customers by continually exceeding expectations, creating and delivering products and services that are reliable thereby empowering their success through us.

Core Values

  • Innovation and Out of Box Thinking
  • Passion towards our work and clients
  • Commitment and Result Oriented
  • Professionalism, Integrity and Trust
  • Reach and Support
  • Eco Conscious - Go Green!


Dr. Deepika Chilkuri (Ph.D.)

An Entrepreneur & An Educationalist

Mrs. Sailaja Koribilli

An Entrepreneur & An Academician